Powerd By: Prateek Singh

About Exuberance

"where excited and enthusiastic minds meet”
Exuberance is an inter college management festival, organized by students of International School of Business Management (ISBM), provides for a number of innovative and competitive events and contests.. The profitable aspect of this event is the potential, creativity and how to pool up your resources. There is much competition to be faced at every walk of life. In order to motivate the students, abreast students with latest trends and to upgrade their knowledge and skills we have taken a small steps in name of EXUBERANCE which will be a meeting point for people from same field to share their aspects.

EXUBERANCE ‘13 hosts a galaxy of events aimed at boosting the managerial skills which are inherent in today's students and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their conceptual depth, innovative ideas and presentation skills. Events at EXUBERANCE are mainly aimed at improving the employ ability of students and prove to be the ultimate test of grit, knowledge and skill and also provide a perfect platform for the best brains to interact and compete with each other.

Feeling of excitement!!
Overflowing enthusiasm!!
Emotion of great happiness!!
Look out for the most exciting and competitive moments of a lifetime….